Chinatown Counterfeiters Settle Up With City, Live to Counterfeit Another Day

The owners of the "Counterfeit Triangle" -- a single triangular block in Chinatown bounded by Canal, Centre, and Walker Streets -- have agreed to pay $800,000 to the city, thereby reopening the block for "legitimate purposes." The settlement comes after a 2008 raid that shut down 32 storefronts and totally screwed quite a few editorial assistants as well as everybody looking for fake Gucci bags to bring back to their friends in Milwaukee.

The Mayor's Office of Special Enforcement, however, lucked out with some primo counterfeit merch in the raids, including "Rolex" watches, "Tiffany" jewelry, and pretty legit-looking Coach, Gucci, and Chanel handbags -- products with an estimated street value of more than $1 million.

So, next time you see Bloomberg rocking his "Oakey" sunglasses and new "Pradaa" briefcase -- well, just sayin'.

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