Chris Christie Wins GOP Nomination for NJ Governor

Yesterday New Jersey Republicans picked Christopher Christie to run against wealthy incumbent Democratic governor Jon Corzine. Christie presently holds a seven-point poll lead over Corzine, so Republicans, heretofore glum about Jersey in general ("the people of New Jersey have apparently made an irrevocable choice that corrupt morons will represent them") are now much more enthusiastic. Christie was a federal prosecutor, one of whose targets was Democratic Senator Bob Menendez. The New Jersey Law Journal, in naming him Lawyer of the Year for 2006, said that while Christie "came to the job in 2002 without much criminal law experience" (prior to appointment he was mainly known as a Republican factotum and fundraiser), Christie "developed a reputation as a forceful and even prolific prosecutor." Presumably his prosecutorial zeal endeared him to Rudolph Giuliani, who toured the state in support of Christie last week. Photo (cc) Wikipedia.

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