Clinton, Obama Lunch at West Village Tourist Trap

Bill Clinton and Barack Obama had lunch at Il Mulino at West 3rd Street. The boite got a nice pull-quote from Clinton when he was asked about the lunch: "It was good. It was Il Mulino, how could it not be?" (Citysearch commenters are generally not that impressed with Il Mulino: "This is the perfect example of a tourist trap." And the restaurant's press page is blank, though its gift shop is extensive. Maybe Clinton's getting a fee.)

Clinton also reported the two Presidents had "fish, pasta and salad"; the New York Post breathlessly amplifies, "The Post has learned that Obama ate capellini with shrimp and clams. Clinton chose a branzino, or European sea bass, special, which at Il Mulino is usually stuffed with garlic and rosemary. They drank water." The Post further reports that the staff received "a small metal box of Whitman's chocolates with the presidential seal on it" -- whether in lieu of a tip, we couldn't say.

Prior to the lunch Obama gave a speech on the economy or something to members of the financial industry at Federal Hall.

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