"Coke Queens" Resurface, Charge Seduction by Cops

We have missed the "F.I.T. Coke Queens" Mickenzie Dippenworth and Christine Scafa, and are pleased to see them in the New York Post today, crying no fair on their December bust for dealing because the undercovers "seduced" them. "They complimented the women's cleavage," the Post soberly reports; "they boasted of their penis size." The gendarmes were allegedly very insistent about paying for the coke the dazzled Fashion Institute of Technology students offered them for free, at least at first. In related news, Customs agents discovered, with the help of their dog Fenja, $2 million dollars worth of cocaine at JFK. The luggage in which the 40 pounds of coke were found was understandably unclaimed by whatever passenger stowed it, and so far no arrests have been made. Photo (cc) pravin8.

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