Council Ban on Flavored Smokes Expectedly Passes

As we expected, the city council went ahead and passed that ban on flavored tobacco products, which "improves" the FDA action against the yum smokes by including flavored cigars, chewing tobacco, and cigarillos in the order. The Mayor is expected to sign it.

"That looks like a lip gloss," said Council Speaker Christine Quinn of a pink cigarillo offered in evidence. "Don't tell me that's not targeted for a young girl." "As many readers know," says UptownFlavor, "flavored cigarettes and cigars are wildly popular in areas like Harlem where just about every bodega carries flavored Dutches." They point out that menthol cigarettes are not subject to the council ban, nor to the FDA's. Big Tobacco's not giving up that easy. But before the health police start doing toxic spot-checks on citizens -- around about 2019, we'd say -- we're sure Big Government will get to that.

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