Court Rules Ravitch Not Lieutenant Governor

Yesterday's hard day of grilling for Governor Paterson's legal team gave us a feeling this was coming: A four-judge Appellate Division panel has ruled that Paterson had no right to install Richard Ravitch as Lieutenant Governor.

The court's ruling agrees with Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's reading of the state constitution, which finds the only appropriate method of Lieutenant-Gubernatorial installation to be an election.

Ravitch hasn't been doing much anyway since his secret steakhouse swearing-in on July 8 at the height of the Albany Coup, as another court had already prohibited him from presiding over the senate -- the LG's big job -- until all this was straightened out. So he can just go back to whatever it was he was doing before this mess spilled. (The court did make a point of praising, in its unanimous ruling, "Mr. Ravitch's stature, knowledge, and experience," so he can use that as a recommendation to future employers.)

Our only worry is that Pedro Espada will take it another cue for another Coup.

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