Depressing Mayoral Election Underway

Perhaps wishing to avoid the long, long lines, Mike Bloomberg and Bill Thompson voted early this morning -- Thompson in Harlem, Bloomberg a few blocks from his East Side townhouse. Bloomberg is "expected to sail into his third-term" (Times), "all but certain to win a third term" (UK Guardian), "looks likely to win a third term after getting City Council to scrap a mayoral two-term limit and spending a record amount of his own money on the campaign" (AlterNet), etc. Already being floated are what-ifs ("Would the race be closer if the UFT had endorsed Thompson? Some say maybe") and so-whats ("Despite a half-assed endorsement from President Obama, Thompson doesn't exactly sweep voters off their feet").

Nonetheless, do your duty, citizens. Winning isn't everything. Lolcat via 8bitjoystick.

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