Diddy's Confessional Rap?

The "I Get Money" Forbes 1, 2, 3 remix does not have a video—yet. This is just the song.

File this under the category of "Just Wondering": But as Diddy faces a new set of potential legal problems because of a dust-up over a woman at a nightclub, his turn on 50 Cent's bangin' "I Get Money" remix seems to reference his infamous club brawl involving J-Lo in 1999. Is it some sort of an admission of guilt?

Sure, tons of rap lyrics are full of bluster, bravado, bullshit and just about every other form of self-aggrandizement (especially when Sean Combs is involved) that have no basis in reality, but some of that shit-talk also happens to be true.

So is it just Diddy-swagger when he raps "shootouts, coastal peace yeah Diddy did it/But my lawyers so good that Diddy got acquitted" or is Puff admitting— what many observers believe to be true—that Jamal "Shyne" Barrow is doing the time for Puffy's crime? A jury acquitted Puffy in the case and sent Shyne to prison for ten years.

It's just a little strange to read about a Puffy nightclub brawl in the papers while the hottest track of the moment features lyrics, of the seemingly confessional variety, about a similar situation.

From the Online Hip Hop Lyrics Archive:

Uh! Bo knows but Diddy did it (Yeah) Cars, jewelry and big homes yeah Diddy did it Shootouts, coastal peace yeah Diddy did it But my lawyers so good that Diddy got acquitted I met J. Lopez out in St. Tropez While you was ridin around in Miami on Mopeds Yeaaaaaaaah! Oh you just got here I been doin this shit for over ten years (Ha, Ha!) I am chillin, in Sean John denim Nigga I don't walk nowhere I'm four wheelin Champagne spillin, chillin, no ceilin Stealin a quarter million, feelin, ice grillin Hit the avenue, earthquake up the morgue Give Jacob a call then make a withdrawal Face on the forbes in '94 I did it Don't like it I'm a Bad Boy now let's get it come on!!!

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