Dina Lohan's House Recipient of Ancient Egg-Breaking Ritual

Poor Mrs. Lohan, mother of the year, Carvel ice cream lover. Her house in Merrick, Long Island, has been vandalized by ne'er-do-wells not once but twice in the last week, according to TMZ. This is not going to make Lindsay want to move home, now, is it?

Apparently, the house got egged and "pelted with dirt bombs" on August 31, and the mailbox was ripped out of the ground on September 6. The incidents may or may not be related, but Long Island stores should clearly be on the watch for bulk toilet paper orders. Also, is anyone else thinking "Ronnie Miller"?

Anyway, maybe this is all fair due. Remember when Lindsay herself tried to egg the paps, but only egged her own car? Oops.

Or maybe the eggs were simply a gift. Yeah.


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