Dog Balances Things on Nose, Is Awesome

Have you heard of

Jub Jub, a St. Bernard who can balance, like, ANYTHING on his nose,

from iPad to carrot to baseball to wastebasket to booze to Egg McMuffin?

He can also balance a 6-week-old kitten on his head

. Clearly, everyone should have a Jub Jub, who, his owner says, "Is a good dog and especially obedient... He got more treats than he should have during the shooting of this..."

He deserves them!

This reminds us, please nominate your Village Voice Web Award picks. Jub Jub seems like a pretty good contender for Best Internet Animal. You have until November 21, with celebratory party to follow on December 7!

Jub Jub, A St. Bernard That Balances Everything on His Nose [Laughing Squid]

[JDoll / @thisisjendoll]

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