Dom DeLuise, 1933-2009

Fans of Paul Lynde, Joe Flynn, Charles Nelson Reilly, and other fey icons of bygone years mourn the passing of Dom DeLuise. He was in most of his film and TV appearances chubby and childlike and absolutely hilarious, probably the closest thing to Fatty Arbuckle we've had since the silent era. He also did voiceovers, had his own cooking show, was the subject of popular childhood rumors, and starred in the peculiar Fatso, probably the only wide-release movie about male eating disorders and certainly the only one written and directed by Anne Bancroft. He was married to the actress Carol Arthur in 1965, with whom he had three sons. If you find this clip from Blazing Saddles -- which amply displays his marvelous timing -- undignified, you can go here and see him doing his famous egg trick with Johnny Carson.

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