Donald Trump Vows To Continue Making An Ass Of Himself

This guy has the gall to call someone "unattractive."
This guy has the gall to call someone "unattractive."

Just in case you were worried that America's trashiest billionaire was going to stop making a complete ass of himself every single day, you can relax — Donald Trump has pledged to continue to act like an asshole; class, civility, and maturity be damned.

Trump has demonstrated — time and again — that he's immune to shame, and subsequently unaware when he should feel the normal human emotion of humiliation. Today is no exception.

As we reported earlier, The Donald — who reportedly has been a little pissy as of late — "tweeted" that Arianna Huffington is "unattractive both inside and out. I fully understand why her former husband left her for a man - he made a good decision."

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After catching some heat for such a trash-tastic Tweet, your normal human being would take it down, claim it was in the heat of the moment, and apologize.

Trump, however, has decided to double-down on his class-less antics — he posted a followup "tweet" encouraging people to not "think my statement on [Huffington] was harsh, if you knew her and her phony Huffington Post you would understand — more to follow."

Then he (ahem) zinged her with the following: "Remember when [Huffington] ran for governor of California. She got 3 votes."

Remember when Trump pretended to run for president and got zero votes because his "candidacy" was a sham designed to get ratings for his failing reality TV show? Because that happened, too. 

Stay tuned — more of Trump's zingers are sure to come.

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