Dora the Explorer Concedes to Puberty

Dora the Explorer Concedes to Puberty

Caitlin Sanchez, the voice of Latino exploring superstar Dora the Explorer, finally settled her lawsuit against Nickelodeon. Not afraid of biting the hand that fed her cartoonish mouth, Sanchez accused Nickelodeon of making her sign an "unconscionable contract without adequate compensation." Sanchez said she was let go after her voice hit puberty, you know -- that whole Brady Bunch thing.

The New York Post reports:

Nickelodeon rep David Bittler confirmed that, "After discussion, the suit has been withdrawn. We have always felt, and continue to feel, that Caitlin is a very talented performer. Our intention was always that Caitlin complete the episodes on which she worked and we are pleased that she has agreed to do so."

So fire up your DVRs, ladies and gentlemen, because Dora's going to sound a little husky this week. Let's hope that Nickelodeon finds a star who will stay young forever so they don't have to keep buying new Doras! A career suggestion for Dora -- you're going through puberty now, call American Apparel -- we hear they're into that sort of thing.


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