E. Harlem Tenants Take Down Limey Gentrifiers

We thank NYC the Blog for turning us on to the feel-good story of the year. It has everything: greedy landlords, plucky barrio tenants and a billion-dollar Brit firm that tried to fuck with them and lost their ass.

The Indypendent reports that last year slumlord Steven Kessner, whose predations have been covered in the Voice, got sick of his East Harlem tenants organizing against him and sold his buildings out to Dawnay, Day of Great Britain. The imported slumlords tried all the usual tricks -- failure to repair, bogus charges and fees -- to clear out the buildings. The tenants hung in, and lived to see their new, overleveraged persecutors go bankrupt.

We like John Leguizamo, Ron Silver and Alan Rickman for the leads.

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