#ElectionDayPickupLines May Be Greatest Thing About Internet Today

Whether or not you're planning on exercising your constitutional right to vote -- or whether or not you're even eligible to go to the polls -- there's definitely one way you can see democracy in action this Election Day afternoon. Just go to Twitter. The hashtag #ElectionDayPickupLines has been all over the socials today, giving every would-be comedian (or Casanova) a chance to spit his or her best patriotic double entendres to the masses. Here are some of the best we've seen so far:

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Our favorite, though, has to be the poor, passive-aggressive sap who tried to get some attention from ex-girlfriend and Hackensack native Yemi Miller-Tonnet. Dude quickly found his moves exposed like a hanging chad for all to see:

We checked in with Miller-Tonnet, who insisted the exchange was real. "It wasn't too surprising that somebody would text me about voting," she says, as she's pretty politically involved, "but I thought it was pretty funny that he added the whole ex-boyfriend talk. I appreciated the creativity of it all."

Now living in Georgia where she attends Spelman College, Miller-Tonnet already voted absentee for the race at home. She wants to remind people to vote if they still can.

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