Eliot Spitzer, Scott Stringer Duke It Out in Comptroller Campaign Debate

Man, the race for comptroller is becoming pretty darn entertaining. Eliot Spitzer and Scott Stringer faced off earlier today in a debate that was chock full of amusing confrontations. Meanwhile, our inbox was flooded with 10 e-mails from Spitzer staffers in full attack mode.

Stringer still has to be pissed about Spitzer, a former state attorney general and governor, big-footing his almost certain victory by entering the race. Stringer repeatedly referred to the prostitution scandal that forced Spitzer to resign, and even accused him of committing a crime. He also characterized Spitzer as an elitist and called him a "colossal failure" as governor.

"Anyone who did what Eliot did would be in jail right now," Stringer said, according to the Daily News. "You engaged in money laundering."

"I've made mistakes, but I've made a difference," Spitzer replied.

Spitzer, meanwhile, called Stringer a do-nothing machine politician. "Where were you? I was there, I was doing it, not being a cheerleader, being a sheriff," he said.

Amusingly, the Spitzer campaign sent out a list of Scott Stringer's accomplishments, including declaring a "Justin Bieber Day" in Manhattan, issuing 150 proclamation in a year, running a "largely ceremonial" office, and spending millions in city money on, among other things, fancy SUVs, drivers, and self-promotional brochures.

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