Age 34
Resides Manhattan
Occupation Music promotion

Explain the Enron mess. I'm a closet Republican. You have to be in the political closet to live in New York City. I voted for Bush. I'm originally from Texas. Even though I don't agree with everything Bush is doing, I think people are wrong to point the finger at the White House and attempt to pin Enron on the president.

Does the little guy always lose? Yes. Unfortunately, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Are your savings safe? What savings? I live paycheck to paycheck. I'm going to get a $5 lunch because that's what I have in my pocket.

Age 41
Resides Manhattan
Occupation Marketing consultant

Explain the Enron mess. Enron collapsed because they got caught. It's like the savings and loan scandal. The thing that sets Enron apart is that they were greedier, took bigger risks, and suffered from bad timing. If they'd timed it better, they would have been able to cash out and leave. I think ultimately Congress will go after Skilling, but Kenneth Lay is too close to Bush. He'll get off.

Does the little guy always lose? I don't feel too bad about the independent investors, who should investigate the health of the company before they invest in it, but the employees of Enron are another matter.

Are your savings safe? I have an IRA that's diversified. I feel comfortable enough.

Age 36
Resides Brooklyn
Occupation Copier technician

Explain the Enron mess. Enron is a company that had some dealings with the White House, where they asked the administration to appoint people favorable to them. While people who worked there were told they couldn't dump company stock, the big guys were selling it off. Now Enron is a bunch of guys who are in front of Congress pleading the Fifth Amendment.

Does the little guy always lose? Always. Are you kidding?

Are your savings safe? Not really. I'm kind of in the same situation that the employees at Enron were. My savings are locked into a 401(k) run by my company.

Age Over 21
Resides Manhattan
Occupation Clinical psychologist

Explain the Enron mess. Enron tried to hide the fact that it was collapsing by establishing offshore assets, or businesses, to hide its debt. Congress's current investigation of Enron is a huge conflict of interest, and the brouhaha is all for show.

Does the little guy always lose? In this society, yes.

Are your savings safe? I live in Manhattan. There are no savings.

Age 20
Resides Manhattan
Occupation Student

Explain the Enron mess. I try to stay out of that as much as possible. It doesn't affect my life, and I'm not interested in things in the business world. The war in Afghanistan is probably the most important political issue now, but even watching the news on that is futile.

Does the little guy always lose? When it comes to money, yes.

Are your savings safe? My savings are minimal because I'm a college student.

Age 22
Resides Manhattan
Occupation Marketing manager

Explain the Enron mess. I can give you my opinion about Enron. Anyone who's on top keeps secrets, and if they have to step on the heads of people beneath them to get ahead, that's what they'll do. I think the Enron executives and the members of Congress investigating them are all conspiring to keep certain things out of the press.

Does the little guy always lose? The turtle beats the rabbit. Everything has to do with timing. The little guy can win, but he has to have a strategy.

Are your savings safe? I always say that if you don't have your hand on what's yours, you don't have it. I think I'm pretty safe. I don't put 100 percent in the bank.

Age 23
Resides Queens
Occupation Writer

Explain the Enron mess. I know that Enron's collapse is an expression of a new world order. People are upset about it because it signals a move to complete globalization. In the future, everyone will work for one company, one that controls the complete society of the world, including how much money you can make and whether you can ever progress beyond a certain point.

Does the little guy always lose? Yes. An elite few run the world. It goes back to feudalism.

Are your savings safe? I don't have any. If I had money, I'd be in New Zealand or Australia right now.

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