Erica Díaz, Lesbian Granddaugher of Sen. Ruben Díaz Sr., Talks About Gay Rights

Happy Pride Sunday. As we wrote last week in the

Voice feature story "Diaz Family Values,"

no family more starkly shows where New York has been on same-sex marriage equality and where it is going than the house of Díaz. Senator Reverend Ruben Díaz, Sr. babbled incoherently in front of the world Friday evening, before the

Senate rejected his side's dying argument and passed the Marriage Equality Act 33 to 29.

After this, it became clearer than ever that Senior's time has passed, and the balance of power in civil rights has shifted in favor of his 22-year-old lesbian granddaughter, Erica Díaz.

Here's a look back at our interview with Erica when she was protesting her grandfather in May. "The New York State Government is not allowing me to exercise my human right to marry the person that I love," Erica said at the time. Now, just two months later, she is free to marry her partner Naomi Torres. | @steven_thrasher

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