Exiled Pakistani Musician Rocks Forest Hills Jewish Center

Haroon Bacha, a renowned Pashtun musician in his native Pakistan, was forced by the groove-hating Taliban into Brooklyn exile, and the New York Times reports on his slow road to stateside success: a benefit concert at the Forest Hills Jewish Center (which the Times describes as "small but lively," though the 300 fans he drew probably compares favorably with many a foreign folk singer's first show in the Big Apple), a wedding in Jersey, dates in Bayside and Bedford, Massachusetts. That old road life, it ain't no life, but it's his life, and we hope to see him partying in Williamsburg with Semi Precious Weapons soon. The Times fails to provide a video, so we got this one from YouTube; you can see many more here, including one in which fans twirl and throw what appears to be money into the air, which we would certainly like to see catch on.

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