With Valentine's Day upon us, the world is awash in an orgy of hearts, flowers, and saccharine sentiment. We approach the season somewhat differently. Our writers celebrate lust, tell of love lost and found, of adolescent fumblings and nostalgia fucks. They speak to a generation adept at snatching satisfaction on the fly. They lay themselves open, embrace risk and disappointment, even gamble on having children. Here, for your pleasure, are a score of ways to do and be done, to get together, get lucky, get busy, get married, get it up, get it on, get it in, get off, get away with it, even get over it. We get it all down. —Elizabeth Zimmer, editor

Fifteen Sexual Spaces Recalled By Toni Schlesinger
An Inventory

Shirts By Nita Rao
Two T's, One Buttondown, and a Plaid Flannel

Geek Love By Nick Catucci
A Meditation

Unless I Pen You I Shall Not Be Literate By Luis H. Francia
A Sonnet

Three Little Words By Judith Basya
Who Says Them First?

Ruth and Naomi By Naomi Mara
Whither Thou Goest...

Pee Prepared By Michael Musto
Acting Out in the '80s

Greyhound By Lynne McLaughlin
My Way on the Highway

Love with a Perfect Stranger By Bea Chance
A Sex Education Research Grant

Love in Bloom By David Yaffe
A Seminar

Raw Footage By Keisha Franklin
Meeting My Media Mate

Doing Time By EKNYC
My Last Letter to My Man

Girl From the North Country By Peter Gambaccini
Busting a Dam

Tema del Basso By Elizabeth Zimmer
Expostion and Undertone

Love and Braces By Thomas DeFrantz
High-Risk Fellatio

Making Babies By Allen St. John
Over the Diapers, A Sidelong Glance

Word Problems By Alexis Sottile
Solve for Sex

Lukas's Story By Aaron Hamburger
Czech it Out

Girl Crazy By Tricia Romano
Loving Morgan

Hum Job By Ruby Conn and Pierre Lahti
Two Views

Date Clothes By Lily Burana
What I Wore to Get the Guy/Girl

Doing It in the Road By Emma Pearse
Aussie Meets Spencer Tunick

My Fine Time With Maddox69 By Jaime Lowe
Love With a Kyrgyzstan Man

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