Fifteen Sexual Spaces Recalled

Third cousin's pickup truck, road to Selma, Alabama (front seat)

Cabin, cruise ship, China Sea (framed print on wall: Fragonard's Girl on a Swing; toothpaste from Thailand in bathroom)

Pale green motel cabin, Wisconsin (Davy Crockett hat on night table)

Apartment near Uffizi, Florence, stone walls (Catch-22 on shelf)

House with dark wood trim, Spokane, Washington (near Hostess Twinkie factory; they make them in pairs)

Bedroom, blue ceiling with stars (made by dipping the eraser end of a pencil in phosphorescent paint) 

Snowbank, Indiana Dunes, shore of Lake Michigan (winter coats)

Hay field, Wisconsin (on pink-and-orange-wool Braniff Airlines blanket)

Brown bedroom, brown chest of drawers (one drawer full of brown socks)

Early American couch, newspaper office

Beach, Martinique (dinner menu at hotel featured a dessert called "Bananas in a Dark Room"—mistranslation of rum)

Rooftop under tree, sound of leaves moving in wind

Sand and rocks, Mediterranean Sea: Agios Nicholias, Crete; also Haifa

Kitchen counter, Chicago (lunch: pasta and a mango)

A room, New York City, clock ticking

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