Firefighter Joe Graffagnino: RIP

Firefighter Joe Graffagnino, of Dyker Heights, would have turned 34 on Monday. Today, he was buried at Green-Wood Cemetery. Graffagnino and Firefighter Robert Beddia died fighting the blaze at the former Deutsche Bank building on Saturday. Top fire officials admitted yesterday that there was no plan for fighting a fire at the black-shrouded, toxic building that was demolished.

graf1.jpgCops and firefighters form an honor guard at the 5th Avenue entrance of Green-Wood cemetery as a fire truck carrying the remains of Joe Graffagnino makes the solemn journey from St. Ephrem's Church in Bay Ridge.

graf2.jpgThings get quiet as the truck approaches.

graf3.jpgThe honor guard tries to keep their emotions in check as the the truck passes.

graf4.jpgA coffin carrying Graffagnino's remains sits atop the fire truck.

graf7.jpgThis little guy watches with quiet curiosity.

graf6.jpg Hundreds of firefighters, friends, and police follow the coffin in to Green-Wood as the 33-year-old firefighter is laid to rest.

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