Fireman, Gay-Bashed with Metal Chair, Gets $3.75 Million from City

Remember that Staten Island firehouse fight where one firefighter hit another in the face with a metal chair? The fight was treated as a drunk-fireman story, for which their captain and the brawlers were punished. Post-tabloid-celebrity, it was revealed at the bashed fireman, Robert Walsh (suspended), had long been enduring what the Times then called "derogatory remarks" from the basher, Michael Silvestri (modified duty, later suspended and sentenced to a year in jail); these remarks were later revealed to be "anti-gay verbal abuse."

Walsh sued the city for $100 million. Today the city announced, "We are pleased that the matter has been resolved amicably" -- that is, with a $3.75 million settlement with Walsh. This came after hearings in which Walsh told jurors "the attack followed nearly two years of Silvestri hurling anti-gay slurs that were ignored or laughed off by firehouse supervisors," reports the Staten Island Advance.

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