Fireman Party Scheduled for March 30th

Apparently they've done this before, and it went well enough that SingleAndTheCity.Com is reviving this year its "Playing With Fire" Fireman Singles Party at R-Bar on The Bowery on March 30. They promise "150+ of the FDNY's bravest." The press release suggests the nature of the event:

" 'Don't give your number to or start trying to date too many guys from the same firehouse,' explains [SingleAndTheCity Co-Founder Amber] Soletti. 'Trust me, I learned the hard way.' " They also get a fireman to say "Dating in NYC can be way scarier than fighting fires."

It's $30 in advance, $40 at the door. The organization is also holding a "Cougar/Boy Toy" Hunt on the 23rd.

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