Flash! Albany Working on MTA Plan

Albany lawmakers are behind closed doors, working on an MTA plan. A taxi surcharge and payroll taxes are among the remedies they're considering. Paterson's calling for "action." His new wrinkle is to offer constituents reimbursement of the payroll tax to their school districts -- a typical Albany Rube Goldberg contrivance that nonetheless seems to be working: It's said Paterson has converted two Westchester senators who were previously holding out. "I share the Governor's urgency about the need to pass a plan to save the fare and stop massive service cuts," says Sheldon Silver, "and the Assembly is prepared to act." The MTA continues to threaten insane cuts, including the end of all-night subway service. It's a nerve-wracking situation, or would be if the MTA issue hadn't been flopping like a decked fish for months.

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