Former Staten Island Minister Continues in Rather Epic Plummet From Grace

It's hard to get to the end of even the headline of this New York Post story about a former Staten Island minister who embezzled $84,000 from his parish to keep himself in plastic surgeries and Botox treatments, who got busted...and who's now been arrested for drunk driving. Whew, dude's got a lot going on!

Not only was he driving drunk, 68-year-old William Blasingame was drinking vodka mixed with pineapple-flavored Fanta "in a 20-ounce bottle stashed between his legs" (just like high school!). Cops caught up to him after he crashed into another car, and then a tree, at the corner of Vanderbilt Avenue and Tompkins Avenue in Stapleton.

Via the Post,

"I dropped my buddy off at rehab and he had some vodka left," Blasingame allegedly told officers. "Honestly, I didn't even have that much.".

Well, sheesh, we had better lies than that, even back in high school. Though we're not sure if that comes out for or against Blasingame.

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