Fox, Time-Warner Make Short-Term Deal; Corporate Bowl Games Not Blacked Out

Huzzah! Fox and Time Warner, who had been locked in a death struggle over broadcast fees that threatened to black out Fox programming on the cable provider, have agreed to keep the argument going for some days. This means you'll be able to watch your bowl games -- including the (AT&T) Cotton, the (Allstate) Sugar, and the (FedEx) Orange Bowl (hey, what happened to the Rose Bowl? Couldn't they get a corporate sponsor?*) -- as well as other Fox programming for a while, at least.

This is described as a "brief extension" but, as we said before, it is likely to be resolved by a deal that will raise both the fees Time Warner pays for the right to show Fox programming and subscribers' rates.

Those won't kick in for a while, though, so enjoy your holiday programming (as well as the other fine Fox shows) today and worry about the cost tomorrow.

* Just kidding: the Rose Bowl is sponsored by Citi, which is not so uncouth as to demand its name be appended to that of the classic event -- probably because they've already attached it to the BCS Championship Game on January 7.

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