Fred Dicker To Write Biography Of Andrew Cuomo: The Bromance Continues

Andrew Cuomo cheerleader/New York Post state bureau chief Fred Dicker is penning a biography of his gubernatorial man-crush, which -- if history tells us anything -- will be more of a bromance novel than an objective biography.

Dicker announced his upcoming Cuomo bio on his radio show this morning -- the Post made the announcement last night, but left out the part about Dicker's long-time love affair with the gov, of course.

"Cuomo's remarkably popular, being mentioned for president," Dicker gushed on his radio show this morning. "What a great story and what great potential. He's one of the most significant political figures on the American political scene today."

As we -- and others -- have chronicled, Dicker has a long history of puckering up for Cuomo's rump. Dicker basically has total access to the governor, and that's because he'll never say a bad word about the guy.

In other words, Cuomo's mother is probably the only person on the planet who would write a more favorable biography of him than Fred Dicker.

Dicker -- an alleged objective journalist -- in an attempt to make it seem as though his biography of Cuomo isn't going to be a 200-page blowjob, claims the book is "not authorized" by the governor's office. However, he says he "asked the governor if he'd be willing to cooperate, and he and his people will cooperate."

Vanity Fair writer Michael Shnayerson also has inked a deal to write a biography of Cuomo. It's unclear if he'll receive the same cooperation the governor's promising his pal Dicker.

Even New York Times Capitol bureau chief Danny Hakim seems to find the notion that Dicker would write anything but a glowing review of Cuomo absurd.

"Weeks after protestors called NYP's Fred Dicker 'mouthpiece for Gov 1%' he signs deal to write #Cuomo's authorized bio," Hakim "tweeted" this morning.

"I'm a tough reporter," Dicker squawked on his radio show. "Why don't these people say, 'Let's see what's in his book'?"

Dicker claims he hasn't had his lips attached to Cuomo's ass for the last five years, he's just been telling the "truth" about the governor.

"It's not fawning or overly solicitous just to describe what the truth is," Dicker explains of his love of all things Cuomo.

Whatever you say, Freddie...

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