Fukushima Disaster as Fashion Fodder

The fashion world is a weird place. It's a surreal land where people wear capes and you aren't allowed to smile. In between runway shows and cocaine-themed cocaine parties, people who inhabit this realm often try to make


. Avant-garde French fashion magazine


produced the above work, "PARIS ATOMIC," "an artistic video symbolizing nuclear panic."

The video of a sequin-clad faceless form is set to a score consisting of a techno beat, blaring sirens, and a man speaking monotonously in Japanese. It's like a Lady Gaga fever dream. The synopsis reads:

On March 23, 2011, the radioactive cloud coming from FUKUSHIMA, Japan - reached Paris' sky. After TCHERNOBYL, Paris undergoes its second atomic crisis.

Ever magazine, through Julien Bachelet, Laure Lou Tardy Joye and Freon's work, illustrates this event with an artistic video symbolizing nuclear panic.

While we won't get into an argument debating fashion as art, we will point out that perhaps symbolism for nuclear panic isn't necessary when highly radioactive water currently pours from one of the Fukushima complex's damaged reactors.

While it may not be offensive, it certainly feels unneeded. But what do we know? We knocked Derelicte when it first hit the runways and it turned out to be a smash success:

PARIS ATOMIC [Vimeo via BongBoing]

[ngreene@villagevoice.com / @nickgreene]

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