Gentry Watch: Harlem Condos, Wine-Free TJ's, More White People

Harlem Fur attends a rooftop party at the Dwyer condo on West 125th Street. "The Dwyer does a first class job of accessing the the lay of its surroundings for killer views and light," reports HF. EV Grieve spots four Smart Cars (well, three and a Mini-Cooper) in the East Village. Down By The Hipster notices "The Bowery has become a powerhouse destination of its own... It's feaux [sic] authenticity that the youth crave." Bed-Stuy Banana snaps signs prohibiting swinging of a gate and loitering on a local block. My Urban Sherpa unveils its new "mobi site," which "streamlines a list of recommended restaurants, bars, athletic facilities, shops, and travelers' needs for handheld devices." Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn says the new Brooklyn Trader Joe's on Atlantic will sell no two-buck chuck, or alcohol of any kind. And the Times reports that in this decade New York has seen a net gain in white people for the first time since 1940.

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