Get Ready to Rage at the MTA; Fare-Hike Hearings Begin Tonight!

How we feel about increased fares.
How we feel about increased fares.

Pissed about the possibility of paying more for your Metrocard? Want to say something about it? Tonight begins the first in a series of nine public hearings (including one in each borough) about the pretty-much impending fare increases. If you'll recall, those include the following:

• Raising seven-day MetroCards from $27 to $28, limited to 22 rides. Or keeping it unlimited for $29.

• Raising 30-day cards from $89 to $99 for a card with a 90-trip cap, or $104 for unlimited rides.

• Or, maybe, raising your unlimited MetroCard to $130.

• Increasing single-ride tickets to $2.50

• Charging you a buck when you need a new card and don't refill an old one.

According to NY1, the MTA board is likely to approve both fare hikes and booth layoffs -- they say reductions will save almost a million dollars this year, and nearly $4 million a year starting in 2011 -- but if the public could get Betty White on SNL, maybe we have a chance here, too. Speak now, or at one of the following hearings...or forever hold your peace/bitch into the ether.

Registration opens at 5 p.m. and closes at 9 p.m., and all registered speakers will have a chance to talk. The hearings start at 6 p.m.

Also today, LIRR riders start to deal with an array of new service cuts. Yay.

[via NY1]


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