Girls Who Squirt

Recently my friend Cooper looked quizzically at the bookshelf next to my bed. Pointing to the bulky pink plastic package nestled between a row of space-age sex toys and a box of baby wipes, she asked, "What are those for?"

Extra Large Underpads for the Protection of Bedding and Furniture. (You find them in the drug store near the Depends.) I have only so many sets of sheets, so I need to be prepared for a gusher. Although they are intended for use by incontinent people, those in the know with bladder control keep 'em handy for girls who squirt--they make cleanup so much easier after an evening with a female ejaculator.

Have you ever had your hand inside a girl, fucking her really well, and all of a sudden she soaked the bed? Or maybe you discovered a larger-than-usual wet spot underneath you after a hot round of sex. Finding a woman's G-spot--the tissue of glands and ducts around the urethra called the urethral sponge--has become the hot sex act of the late '90s. You're definitely hip if you can locate the spongy sucker (toward the front wall of the vagina), then stimulate it and make her hum.

Many women find that if their lover puts pressure on the spot and presses and pulls just right, they can ejaculate. There might be a drizzle or a shower or--don't underestimate a high-pressure system--a torrential downpour. If you find the spot and make her ejaculate, you're on the cutting edge of New Millennium Sex.

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The 1982 publication of the explosive book The GSpot (Dell) put the spot and female ejaculation on the map. Subsequent books, videos, workshops, and sex toys devoted to the G-spot raised popular awareness about this erogenous zone. When I taught men "How To Drive Your Woman Wild in Bed" at the Learning Annex last year, half the group knew where the G-spot was and the other half heard about it and were dying to locate it. There are even porn videos featuring squirting girls, and some starlets are known for their liquid abilities--notably Sarah Jane Hamilton, Alisha Klass, and Jewel Valmont.

An innocent babydyke in college, I first heard of female ejaculation when Debi Sundahl came to campus to show her instructional video How To Female Ejaculate (Fatale Video). I was mesmerized by women jerking off, coming, and ejaculating onscreen. Yet another radical concept straight out of San Francisco: we girls can shoot our loads just like the boys.

Years later, I saw it live when I ran into my friend Kim Airs (owner of Grand Opening! Sexuality Boutique in Brookline, Massachusetts, and infamous girl shooter) in the bathroom at a sex party. She had just finished having sex with someone, and she said she was coming all over the place.

"Wanna see?" she asked, and I eagerly nodded.

She whipped out her own absorbent pad, spread her pierced labia, cocked her hips forward, and started shooting juice from her pussy. It was amazing to see her ejaculate so close-up, and she looked like a fucking goddess doing it--beautiful, powerful, sexy.

The first time I ejaculated was at the hands of an expert shooter; she had already shown me how to make her squirt and, in symbiotic lesbian fashion, she was gonna make me ejaculate. She was working my G-spot with a definite mission and suddenly I got a feeling like I was going to pee.

"You're not going to pee," she reassured me. "Just let go." It was tough. I've been practicing for years to hold it in for fear I would pee on lovers who weren't exactly the golden showers type. I let go. Minutes later, I was coming. I had that climax feeling, then a warm wave running through my insides. It just took over, and I went with it. When she took my hand and put it on the blanket underneath me, I was shocked. I made a puddle that soaked her comforter. An enormous amount of liquid came out of my little body.

So, is ejaculatory fluid the stuff of revolutions? Definitely. No more griping from men that women fake it--here's that elusive "proof" beyond heavy breathing and squealing. And girls can do anything boys can do better. I am hesitant to say it's radical simply because it's something men do. Yet, every woman I've ever seen ejaculate looks strong, fierce, in control of her pleasure and her orgasm. Female ejaculation represents yet another element in the endless ways women get off. Remember when clitoral stimulation first came into popular consciousness? It opened a whole new world of pleasure for so many women for whom vaginal penetration was nice but didn't drive them wild. G-spot stimulation and ejaculation can do the same thing.

Plenty of controversy and debate still surrounds female ejaculation. Some people believe that it just doesn't happen--that women are urinating, not ejaculating. Where does the fluid come from? Ejaculate comes out the urethra, as detailed in The Good Vibrations Guide: The G-Spot (Down There Press), and opinions differ on whether the fluid originates in the bladder, in the urethral sponge, or a combination of both. This liquid has been analyzed by only a few scientists in the lab who've extracted it from women through a catheter, and by a whole lot of chicks in the bedroom who've sniffed the sheets post-romp.

Female ejaculatory fluid is considered to be sweeter and more manly than urine (it contains more glucose or fructose than urine, and a higher concentration of the prostatic acid phosphatase--previously thought to be only present in men's prostate gland secretions--than urine). Of course, there is so little research on female ejaculation that a lot of the phenomenon is still a mystery; imagine if scientists said, "We don't know exactly what's in semen, but it does seem to cause pregnancy." Researchers need to get on the ball and devote some serious time and money to studying squirting girls.

I've had plenty of opportunities to do field research in this area since the woman who taught me how to ejaculate is now my girlfriend. She's made me a squirtaholic, and I've gotten a little obsessed with how many times I can make her squirt, how much I can make her squirt, and how far I can make her squirt (our personal best: four feet, from middle of a hotel room bed to the TV screen on the dresser). I haven't gone so far as to collect her ejaculate in a jar. Give me time--it would be in the name of science.

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