Golden Gloves Champ Shot Dead in Bronx

At around 3:30 this morning in the Bronx, three-time Golden Gloves champion Ronnie Vargas was shot to death, per Newsday. He'd hopped out of a car on Clinton Avenue to buy some snacks, and got in an argument with other store patrons; when he joined his friends and drove off, his antagonists followed in a white car, and cut his car off at Hughes near East 178th. Vargas got out, and was pistol-whipped and shot in the chest. Vargas tried to drive away but eventually got out and collapsed in the street.

WNBC reports about 40 of Vargas' friends have created a memorial for the boxer, made of cardboard boxes, one emblazoned "RIP VENEZUELA... WE WILL MISS YOU," and overflowing with candles.

Vargas, a welterweight who took the Golden Gloves crown three years running, made his pro debut on June 20 of last year, and was 8-0. Tim Starks, covering Vargas' sixth pro victory in February for the MVN Ring Report, called him as "fast, hard to hit, lots of diversity in his attack."

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