Google Grifter Vitaly Borker Busted

For those who read the Times' saga of Internet scamster Vitaly Borker and his self-propelled march through Google Land while peddling faulty eyewear and abusing customers and couldn't understand how he got away with it, authorities now have an answer: He's now under arrest for cyberstalking.

Borker, 34, a/k/a "Tony Russo" a/k/a "Stanley Bolds, was busted at his Brooklyn home this morning, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara reports.

The operator of ',' a website through which he sold purported luxury eyeglasses, was arrested today for allegedly operating a scheme to defraud his customers by selling counterfeit and inferior quality goods and making unauthorized charges, and, when those victim customers complained, retaliating through a pattern of cyberstalking and threats.

Oh, and there's this: "Federal agents conducted a search of Borker's home during which they found several firearms and ammunition."

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