GOP Chairman Ed Cox Knows More About Chick Flicks Than Your Girlfriend Does (And He Can't Stand Barack Obama)

Admit it, Ed Cox -- you own this movie.
Admit it, Ed Cox -- you own this movie.

If there are three things that New York GOP Chairman Ed Cox loves they're puns, chick flicks, and more puns!

In his latest attack on President Barack Obama's proclivity for partying with celebrities, the chairman issued a statement this afternoon bashing Bam over tonight's fundraiser at the home of Sarah Jessica Parker. Vogue Editor-in-Chief/inspiration for the film The Devil Wears Prada Anna Wintour will be in attendance -- which Cox apparently sees as an invitation to pack as many pop-culture, chick-flick-based puns into a single press release as humanly possible.

Cox's statement comes under the headline "Carrie Bradshaw May Be 'Doing Fine,' But New Yorkers Know the Obama Economy is Not In Vogue."


Cox's statement includes the following (ahem) knee-slapper: "The devil may not wear Prada, but its certainly in the details."

Read the full release below.

New York, NY...June 14, 2012 - Today, New York State Republican Party Chairman Ed
Cox commented on President Obama's perpetual celebrity fundraising binge and failed
economic policies:

"Late last week, as unemployment rose to 8.2%, Campaigner-in-Chief Barack Obama
told us, 'the private sector is doing fine.' While Carrie Bradshaw may be 'doing
fine,' New Yorkers know the failed economic policies of Barack Obama are not in

"Tonight, as the President hobnobs with Sarah Jessica Parker and Anna Wintour at
an $80,000 plate fundraiser, 23 million Americans are either unemployed, underemployed,
or have stopped looking for work all together - reminding everyone how out of touch
President Obama truly is.

"President Obama's failed economic policies have stifled job creation and stalled
economic growth, resulting in nearly half of recent college graduates being unemployed.
After more than three years of government overreach in every facet of our lives,
America need a President who understands how the private sector economy works, who
will cut taxes, reduce government spending, ease the regulatory burdens placed on
our job creators, and unleash the innovation and creativity of the American people.

"To paraphrase President Clinton, Governor Romney's 'sterling' business and gubernatorial
executive background and message of 'an opportunity society led by free people and
free enterprise,' is a winning combination for a nation hungry for competent leadership
and a strong economy."

The devil may not wear Prada, but its certainly in the details:

* 23 million Americans are unemployed, underemployed, or have stopped looking
for work.

* Unemployment rose to 8.2% in May and has been above 8% for forty straight

* Half of recent graduates either can't find a job or must accept a job they
are overqualified for.

* Foreclosures have reached record levels during the Obama Administration.

* New business startups are at 30-year lows.

* The economy grew at an anemic rate of 1.9% in the first quarter of 2012

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