Gowanus Canal Now on Facebook, in More Than One Place

The Post announces that "the Gowanus Canal has finally joined the 21st century: The fetid waterway has its own group on Facebook."

They mean the EPA has started a GC discussion group at its page, at which it encourages conversations that "follow the conventions of polite discourse."

As you might expect from that, there's nothing going on there. But the Gowanus Canal -- or are they imposters? -- has other Facebook pages that are more interesting:

The Gowanus Canal. Very quiet. Fave comment: "WASH ME."

Gowanus Canal Conservancy. The group with which the page is associated is sufficiently uneasy about the proposed federal Superfund cleanup plan that it has been quoted by the Gowanus real estate developers Toll Brothers in press releases. But they love their Canal, and the page is full of fun stuff like volunteer cleanups and invitations to the Second Annual Fall Beer Tasting.

Canal Bar Drinking Club, Gowanus . "Escape the douchebaggery of park slope. Come in and enjoy the friendly atmosphere, cheap beer and even cheaper men." Almost no content; they're probably too busy enjoying life and love to bother.

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