Grace Lee Wins in "Right To Die" Case. Religious Parents Worried She'll Go To Hell

The Appellate Division of State Supreme Court ruled today that a terminally ill Manhattan woman has the right to die -- despite her devoutly religious parents' concerns that she'll go to hell if she makes the decision to pull the plug on the ventilator that currently is keeping her alive.

Despite her parents' concerns, 28-year-old Grace Lee has made it very clear that she wants to die rather than live with the pain and suffering that is the result of her current condition -- she's currently paralyzed from the neck down after suffering a stroke last month, and has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.

Lee's parents, however, waged a legal battle to prevent their daughter from directing doctors to yank the ventilator, which ultimately will lead to her death.

Again, they're worried she'll end up going to hell if she decides to essentially take her own life.

"When someone sets a time and date to die, that is considered as a suicide and sin," Lee's father, Rev. Manho Lee told a local TV station.

The court, however, ruled in Lee's favor -- acknowledging that she's currently capable of making her own end-of-life decisions and giving her the right to order doctors to remove her ventilator.

For now, Lee is still alive.

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