"Green Liquid" on Subway Tracks Was Actually a Cigar Box

slime.pngIf you were late on the 6 train this morning, just blame it on the "green ooze."

One straphanger who listened to the MTA's "If you see something, say something" campaign must have a really active imagination. Service was briefly rerouted this morning on the 6 train as authorities investigated a 911 call about an unknown "green liquid" on the northbound tracks of the Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall stop.

The local 6 train ran on the express line from the Brooklyn Bridge stop to Grand Central from about 7:52 to 8:38 am while cops probed the "suspicious green liquid," said a NYC Transit spokeswoman. The mysterious green ooze turned out to be a cigar box, said an NYPD spokesman.

Ponder that the next time your train is delayed for what seems to be no reason.

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