Grizz from 30 Rock Carries Around Mark Malkoff as a Giant Man Baby [VIDEO]

Grizz from 30 Rock Carries Around Mark Malkoff as a Giant Man Baby [VIDEO]

We've all thought it: "I wish I had it as good as all those sleeping babies in strollers." Comedian Mark Malkoff decided to see how good it really is. The 5-foot-7 Malkoff got 7-foot-tall 30 Rock alum Grizz Chapman to carry him around the city in a baby holster. The video of their escapades was posted to comedy website yesterday. Let the confused giggling commence.

The first instinct might be to expect a commentary on the seeming explosion of babies across the city, their round little faces ever watchful from their Maclaren strollers. Or maybe a take on the ostentation of the tatted hipster-cum-yuppie dads toting around toddlers in mini-skinny jeans.

No such critique here, and that's alright. The video is contrived around the goofiness of a very big black man lugging a kind of tiny white guy, basically an endurance workout for Grizz punctuated with calls to accountants and a stroll through the park with Malkoff's wife.

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Malkoff, known for his off-the-wall, vaguely pedagogical stunts, told the Voice that passersby "were stunned. Others took out their phones and started filming." Some others observers seem to be laughing. Most just gawk in confusion--where the humor really is.

Check out the scene--and Grizz's good sportsmanship--in the video below.

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