Gun Bully Mike Bloomberg To Host Fundraiser For NRA Darling Scott Brown

Gun Bully Mike Bloomberg To Host Fundraiser For NRA Darling Scott Brown

New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg has made it explicitly clear that he hates guns. For example, he recently urged cops across the country to go on strike in protest of the nation's lax gun laws. Additionally, he founded the organization Mayors Against Illegal Guns in an effort to get rid of loopholes in gun regulations.

He's also hosting a fundraiser for Republican Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, who is endorsed by the National Rifle Association.

We'll repeat: gun-hating Mayor Mike Bloomberg -- who used the recent shooting in Colorado to push his anti-gun agenda -- is hosting a fundraiser for NRA-backed Senator Scott Brown.

Brown is running against Democrat/faux-Native American Elizabeth Warren, who falls more in line with the mayor's anti-gun agenda. Brown, on the other hand, earned an "A" rating from the NRA.

Bloomberg, meanwhile, has made it clear that he's using his third term as mayor -- now that he's not running for re-election -- to sink more of his time (and money) into his push for stricter gun laws.

This is not (even close to) the first time Bloomberg's hypocrisy has reared its ugly head -- this is the same mayor who wants to ban sugary drinks served in containers larger than 16 ounces. Meanwhile, he's also the same guy who endorsed "National Doughnut Day," and presided over the ceremonial weigh-in at this year's Nathan's Hotdog Eating Contest. As we noted in prior posts, last year's hotdog winner, Joey Chestnut, ate 62 hot dogs in 12 minutes, which is the equivalent of 66 Mountain Dews.

The fundraiser is scheduled for August 15.

Moral of the story: Guns are bad -- unless you're Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown.  

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