Happy 4/20! Like, Here's The Miss High Times Swimsuit Video

It's April 20, and if you're a stoner or know someone who is, you know this means that today is national pot smoking day. To mark the occasion, High Times magazine is hosting a "joint celebration" somewhere in the city tonight to crown Miss High Times 2009, an event that even the gin-and-tonic Times is talking about.

If you didn't happen to score one of the 420 tickets to the party/pageant, here's a little video of the stoner beauties -- understandably identified by first names only -- on location in Jamaica, waxing poetic about good bud. Among their observations: "I read High Times all the time. I constantly look at the web site to get new tips about my bud" (Kimberly from Baton Rouge); "[High Times] has been around since way before I was even born. It's all pretty surreal" (Nicole from Houston); "I smoke a lot" (Jacque from Gainesville).

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