Happy New York Republican Primary Day; GOPers Still Pretending Primary Matters, Which Is Adorable

You could vote in today's primary, or stare at a wall for 30 minutes -- both will have the same impact on the outcome of the GOP primary.
You could vote in today's primary, or stare at a wall for 30 minutes -- both will have the same impact on the outcome of the GOP primary.

Happy Republican primary day, New York! Now make sure and get out there and vote because your vote really (ahem) matters -- according to the New York State Republican Party, anyway. In reality, however, your vote means precisely nothing.

The New York State Republican Party issued a press release last night reminding GOPers to vote in the primary, noting that "It is important for New Yorkers to get out and vote this year to send a message to Washington that we're fed up with increasing debt and government overreach."

Again, your vote in a Republican primary means absolutely nothing -- former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney will be the GOP nominee regardless of whether a single New Yorker casts a vote. Even if Romney weren't the clear nominee -- and he actually had a legitimate opponent (which he doesn't) -- New York's primary wouldn't make a lick of difference in the outcome of the overall contest (click here to find out why).

New York GOP Chairman Ed Cox has been pimping New York's primary as "one of the final campaign stops for presidential candidates before the New York primary on April 24." He's made attempts to hype New York's GOP as actually "playing a decisive role in this year's Republican presidential nominating process."

"New York hasn't mattered [in a Republican primary] since 1976," Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia's Center For Politics, told the Voice earlier this month.

Even after Rick Santorum threw in the towel on his campaign, Cox continued to pretend New York's primary would matter -- again, which it doesn't.

The GOP press release goes on to say that "once November arrives, we are in for an historic election night: Barack Obama will be a one-term President!" -- as if New York will play any role at all in making Obama a one-term president.

The last time a Republican presidential candidate won New York's delegates was Ronald Reagan...nearly 30 years ago. In the 1984 election -- when Reagan squared off with former Vice President Walter Mondale. In that election, Minnesota -- Mondale's home state -- was the only state Reagan didn't win.

As the saying goes, unless Obama gets caught with a dead hooker or a live boy, he will win New York in November -- regardless of what the state GOP tells you.

There are some Congressional races that would undoubtedly benefit from a Republican "get out the vote" effort. But the presidential primary -- and election -- are a lost cause for Republicans in the Empire State.

Sorry to break your hearts, GOPers, but if you're probably better served staring blankly at a wall today than you are voting in the presidential primary.

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