Here Are the Words New Yorkers Most Use in Their Online Dating Profiles

Last week, to our great surprise, it turned out that New Yorkers are not particularly promiscuous, at least not in terms of what we put on our OkCupid profiles. But, what do we put on our OkCupid profiles, the profiles that we use to entice whichever fair person or peoples we desire to eventually meet us in person and, presumably, date? Sam Yagan, co-founder and CEO of the dating site, has given us the answers. They are intriguing! After the jump, the words that New York City men and women most use in OkCupid dating profiles...

Men 30 Rock Arrested Development Always Sunny in Philadelphia Bob Dylan born and raised my iPhone

Women 30 Rock True Blood Jay Z obsessed with ice cream wine

Um...OK. A thorough analysis of this leads us to believe that as New Yorkers we are watching way too much TV, and also, that we're sort of bad at this online dating profile thing. Personality, people! Interests! (Interests other than your favorite shows and your iPhone). At least you can take comfort in the fact that, as we have long suspected, 30 Rock will bring us all together in the end. Plus, wine. Always wine.

[JDoll / @thisisjendoll]

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