'Hitler-Like' Mustache Gave Away Bank Robber

Djamil Azizi, also known as John Amir, was spotted on a security camera near Washington Square Park by police, who noticed his "Hitler-like mustache" two weeks after he tried to rob a Chelsea bank. He demanded money at the Chase Bank on Eighth Avenue and West 15th Street only to run away without any cash; he returned a week later and pulled the same unsuccessful stunt. Finally, he moved west to Gramercy, robbing the Chase on Third Avenue. In all, from March 29 and April 15, he attempted a robbery at one bank in Brooklyn and four in Manhattan, scoring about $10,000, none of which went to a razor, electric, or otherwise. "What really caught their eye was his mustache and his height," said a police source. "He's...tall, six-foot-two, with a Hitler-like mustache," which makes him sound like Michael Jordan, slouching. [DNAinfo, NYP]

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