Holy Cow! Farm Animals Run Amok in Queens [Update]

Moo-ve over, this here's a runaway cow.
Moo-ve over, this here's a runaway cow.

Four wheels good, four legs better? This afternoon, an utterly ridiculous scene between the NYPD and an errant cow had drivers crying "Get out of the whey way!"  

Thursday around noon, an escaped cud-chewer was spotted at Merrick Boulevard and Jamaica Avenue, at which point officers from the 103rd Precinct were called. The rebellious cow eventually found its way into a parking garage at Archer Avenue and East 165th Street where it was subsequently captured without injury—but not before cops got footage of a guy half-heartedly trying to catch the creature in an intersection.

Sadly, this intrepid bovine's near getaway was a high stakes affair. According to DNAinfo, the cow will be slaughtered tomorrow at Archer Halal Live Poultry. 

Take a closer look at the scene from today's great cow caper, courtesy of the NYPD's 103rd Precinct:

This isn't the first time farm animals have ventured into the streets of Queens this week. On Tuesday night, a goat was retrieved from 178th Street and 110th Avenue during rush hour. 

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So while it's tempting to wonder if we have Animal Farm playing out before our very eyes, we can rest assured that there have not yet been any liberated pigs roaming the streets. But with the imminent arrival of Winter Storm Jonas, Queens will certainly get its own "Snowball" soon enough.

Update, 1/22: Good news, animal lovers! The cow, now-dubbed "Freddie," has been rescued and will now live out the rest of his days at Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue. The sanctuary posted a photo of the cow early this morning before the cow's vet appointment. 

And what of that crafty baby goat? It looks like the NYPD bought the little kid for $40 and turned it over to an animal sanctuary in Suffolk County, according to ABC 7.  

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