Hurricane 2012: Reporting Live From an "Evacuation Zone" in Queens

Hurricane 2012: Reporting Live From an "Evacuation Zone" in Queens

Hurricane Sandy is about to hit the Big Apple, which means there's a good chance you're not going to work today -- which is incredibly unfortunate for the blogosphere considering its existence relies almost entirely on people fucking off at work.

I'm not going to work today, either -- I'm gonna be holed up in an apartment in Queens that just happens to be in a part of the borough that Mayor Mike Bloomberg has determined to be an "evacuation zone."

But I didn't evacuate -- and this isn't even my apartment.

Today, I will be updating Voice readers about the storm from the evacuation zone of Long Island City. But my choice to not evacuate is not a macho thing. Rather -- despite having been warned of the dangers of my location by its status as an "evacuation zone" as the supposed storm to end all storms is bearing down on New York -- Long Island City is still a much safer neighborhood than Crown Heights, where I reside.

So far, the MTA has suspended services for the entire subway system, buses, and rail lines. President Barack Obama has declared a state of emergency in anticipation of the storm, and Governor Andrew Cuomo will be spending the day deploying the National Guard to various locations throughout the state.

In the "evacuation zone" that is LIC, there's not a whole lot of evacuating taking place.

Throughout the day yesterday, I saw several people wheeling suitcases to cars, apparently on their way out of town. But I saw even more people buying supplies (read: booze) for the storm at the grocery store, where I waited in line for 45 minutes to buy beer and ingredients for a chili recipe. I waited in line for another 45 minutes after I ruined the aforementioned chili.

The storm is supposed to start getting pretty nasty about 11 a.m. We're on all the relevant municipal and state e-mail lists, so the Voice will have all the up-to-date information you'll need to weather the storm. We also have roof access, so we hope to get some pretty cool photos, too.

Check back throughout the day for updates.

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