Is This a Thing? Twitter Escort Services

We had heard about Sexhobbyist, the Twitter user who rates his sessions with prostitutes. And we knew about sex-related tweets. But being naive in the ways of online sex commerce, we never before today heard about this "New York Escorts" account, apparently sponsored by Naughty Reviews. It seems only a few days old but is already packed with content, linking not only to reviews ("She greeted me at her door with a big smile and a kiss like we were old lovers... She is a total GFE"), but also to ads ("U WILL BE GUARANTEED TOTAL SATYISFACTION AND ABSOLUTE PLEASURE") and coming-out announcements ("There are no reviews of Mackenzie yet. Be the first to review Mackenzie").

Hang on -- there's one in Chicago, too -- and it also debuted a few days ago, and goes back to Naughty Reviews! Same thing in Dallas! Is this a scoop or a sting? Maybe we should just leave this stuff to the classified department.

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