Jazz Ison Sinkfield Has Grown 24-Inch Fingernails to Entice Oprah Into Meeting Her

Today in things that my coblogger does not want me to write about but I have to write about anyway because they involve an Atlanta woman named Jazz Ison Sinkfield and her 24-inch fingernails, which she has grown for 22 years in pursuit of accomplishing her dream and meeting Oprah ("and a lot of more celebrities")....well, there's this. If fingernails don't gross you out like they do us, you may want to watch the video -- the handshake at the end is particularly special, and there's a rather magical Edward Scissorhands quality to the whole event. Otherwise, be happy we saw it so you don't have to. "It's a gift...and a talent, too." Please, Oprah, make this woman's dream come true! [via Business Insider, The Daily What]

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