Jenna Jameson: Virtual Sex Machine

A scene from 3DVixens

Porn superstar Jenna Jameson may have retired from the adult entertainment industry this January, but Jenna fans needn’t worry: her virtual likeness will still be getting it on via an online videogame for years to come.

Billing itself as “the hottest adult animated 3D virtual sex simulator featuring Jenna Jameson,” Virtually Jenna may well live up to its amusingly specific claim. Created by Austrian development team Xstream3D, the game allows players to position a computer-generated Jameson and her pixilated playmates in various sexual scenarios, then watch them go at it. Players can also place Jenna in outrageous outfits and situations—e.g. wearing a nineteenth century opera gown while floating on a cloud—and use equally outrageous objects to explore her body. In one potential scenario, an invisible hand masturbates Jenna with a piece of corn while a dismembered penis squirts her with digital cum. And that’s a pretty tame afternoon for this subscription-based beauty.

According to Brad Abram, Xstream3D’s North American marketing and business representative, PC-only Virtually Jenna has been in ongoing development for the last five years. In fact, it won’t be officially finished until 2010—despite opening its doors to the paying public in 2005. Add in a two-million-dollar budget, says Abram, and that explains why his game looks better than any other sex sim on the market. It also explains why, for their $29.99 a month, players get regular updates supplementing the game’s simple, self-proclaimed goal of making girls “suck and fuck hard and wild.”


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Speaking over the phone from his office in Canada, Abram guesses the single biggest addition to Virtually Jenna has been the ability to film pornographic machinima—in-game movies subscribers will soon be able to share amongst themselves. Smaller updates have included threesomes, story mode, and fresh-faced playmates who’ve been crafted from portraits of real people. “We can take a picture of say Britney Spears and Paris Hilton and merge them together to become a hybrid that has those traits subliminally attract people,” Abram says. These additions join Virtually Jenna’s already wide array of poking possibilities, including a self-explanatory (if jaw-droppingly stretchy) “Pimp My Pussy” mode.

Though Jameson didn’t have a creative hand in the game, she did work with Abram’s team on the original voice-overs, and she sat for photography they later used to construct her online body. “The work we do is very specialized,” says Abram. “It’s not as if we can go an animation library and get the tools we need—‘Oh, we want doggy style, and the anal penetration too, please’”—so working with real-life models like Jameson has been crucial. Abram recalls how he gave Jameson a “thank you” gift after the photoshoot: a whisky bottle shaped like a dildo. “She really liked it,” he laughs, “and the whiskey was actually pretty good.”

Himself a newcomer to the world of adult entertainment, Abram joined Virtually Jenna three years ago after leaving a career selling development tools to video game makers. As for the game, Abram explains its own unlikely history. “Some people were working on this flight simulator game, but its contract got cancelled… So there was this great engine and nothing to do with it. And somebody sitting around a table said, ‘Why don’t we turn it into a sex-game engine?’ It was sort of as a joke, but people starting thinking about it, and they were like, ‘Huh, nobody else is doing that.’” Xstream3D’s foray into sex simulations actually reaches a lot farther than the plastic porn world of Jenna Jameson. The development team actually runs five other games with the same engine that use different “skins” to change the appearances of their characters. 3DVixens, which Abram considers the flagship, offers the “girl next door” experience with less glamorous but more realistic models. There’s also Hustler3D, the straight and gay versions of Sex Villa, and Hentai3D. Each appeals to slightly different players, Abram explains. In total, all six games net around 100,000 regular subscribers.

Starting with 3DVixens, Abram says his team is moving away from the straight up sex sim and toward the model of a “virtual girlfriend.” He explains, “We’re building up the artificial intelligence to behave more as if you were in a relationship. That takes a lot of time to cover all the possibilities, so we decided to start by saying, ‘What if it were like a virtual pet?’ You have to create them and dress them and groom them just as you would in a relationship and they have certain behaviors that are maybe annoying and as you go back and forth with them they become naughty or they become nice … The whole goal is to have sex.” Hear that? Jenna Jameson could be your girlfriend.

And what about the porn star’s recent retirement? Abram says it’s made little difference to the game. “Only people who are in the know know that she’s retired. For the general masses it’s irrelevant. Besides, we kind of keep her evergreen. She can go on forever in our world.”

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