John Calipari To The Knicks? Tebow's a Jet -- Anything's Possible

Some rumors are so dumb that you can't begin to understand how they even got started. Rumors like "The Jets are trying to sign Peyton Manning" or "The Jets are trying to sign Tim Tebow" or "The Knicks are trying to sign John Calipari." All absurd, of course, except that one of those three proved to be true.

Which means, unfortunately, that we can't discount the Calipari rumors even though the coach of the national champion Kentucky Wildcats just finished the first year of an 8-year deal worth $36.5 million. (He could pocket $5.65 million more by reaching "incentives" over the next three years.)

Is there anything else in that contract? Let's see... 

Starting this summer, he will be eligible for an extra $1 million a year in the form of a "retention" bonus - no, I don't know what that means either, that's a new one to me. I assume it means that if they don't fire him, he's gets an extra mil - for six of the remaining seven years on his contract.

"I've always said," he told the press when responding to the Knicks rumors, "I have more money than I can spend, than my children can spend. It's not about that."

I'm not questioning Calapari's integrity on the money issue, but lots of coaches have said things like that and then taken the money anyway. In many cases, I believe, not because they wanted the money so much as the prestige and even challenge of a job that pays that much.

I don't know about the prestige, but God knows there would be one hell of a challenge to coaching the Knicks, so I would not be shocked to see the Knicks offer something that tops all that Kentucky bluegrass green. But if Calipari wants to hedge his bets, I'd suggest he wait and see which NBA team ends up drafting all those Kentucky freshmen he recruited and coached.

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